Alice’s Adventures in Aprons

Posted by Stephanie Stachow on May 22nd, 2018


Hello again friends! We got the CUTEST Alice in Wonderland fabric in a little while ago and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to make something with it.


These fabrics are a cotton-linen blend, so they’re thicker then regular cottons. I thought this texture would lend itself well to an apron. So I went to our pattern books and found a super cute apron pattern that mimicked Alice’s full skirt. I really loved the all-over print and I wanted that to be the main fabric and just use the border print for accents.


The pattern that I chose does have an option for border print fabrics so if you wanted to make your life easier, you could just use the border print fabric and option C from this pattern. I never do anything the easy way (as you will see). I chose to follow option D (without the eyelet lace), but added the pocket from option B since it would fit the border print perfectly.

For this project I got:

Simplicity pattern 1221

2 1/2 yards of 206515 (this is the fabric with the all-over design)

1 1/8 yards of 206514 (this is the fabric with the border print)

Matching thread

General sewing supplies like pins and scissors.


Looking at the cutting layout for my pattern, I noticed that the waistband pieces were laid out in the wrong direction. The fabric has the characters upside down and right side up so it’s not directional in that sense, but if I cut the waistband the way it has in the layout then the characters would be on their side. The waistband is thick enough at the center front that I thought it would be noticeable so I wanted to cut it in the proper direction and I cut the straps and the pocket out of the border print fabric so I had a little room to fussy cut.

apron-bib-layout In case you’re not familiar with that term; fussy-cutting is when you cut a specific area of the fabric usually to showcase or highlight part of the print. For example, when I cut the bib of my apron out, I centered a part of the design that I particularly enjoyed.


When I’m not following the given layout, I start with my biggest pieces first. I paid special attention when I was cutting out the skirt front and skirt back (the two biggest pieces) because the fabric kind of goes in rows and I wanted to make sure my rows lined up as best they could. These rows have different size motifs within each row so I knew they weren’t going to be perfect, but I at least wanted to have them in the ball park.


I also obviously fussy-cut the pocket out of the border print. And I was actually able to fussy cut the straps out of the remaining print at the bottom of the border with the bows and lace.


Back to the waistband. I knew cutting out the waistband was going to be tricky so I saved it for last. If I wanted to have my characters going in the same direction on the waistband as they were on the rest of the apron I was going to have to piece it because the fabric was not wide enough otherwise.


I started by cutting off the selvage on the scrap I was working with and marking 5/8″ in from the edge for my seam allowance.


Then I traced my new seam line onto my pattern.


I marked 5/8″ on my next scrap for seam allowance.


And I lined up my seam line that I drew on my pattern piece. Once my seam was lined up, I cut the second half of the pattern piece out from there.


I then lined up my seam lines and sewed the pieces together.


I started sewing it together following the pattern’s instructions. When I got to where you sew the waistband to the bib of the apron I cheated a little. The pattern wants you to sew this seam right sides together, but I can never get these kinds of seams to lay correctly when I sew them like that. So instead, I pressed 5/8″ under on the top edge of the waistband and lined up the piece where it was supposed to go and pinned it in place.


Then I lined up the edge of the waistband with the inside edge of my presser foot and I topstitched the seam and it looked beautiful!


As I said, I wanted to use the pocket from another apron in the pattern so I sewed the pocket according the their instructions and clipped my curves.


I then centered the pocket from side to side on the front skirt piece. To find the placement top to bottom, I held up the skirt to my waist and reached my hand down as if I were reaching for something in said pocket. Between that and lining it up with one of the “rows”, I got a placement for the pocket. I tucked the sides under, pinned it, and sewed around every edge except the top.


I then measured in 8″ from each side and pin marked a straight line. I topstitched following the pins to divide the pocket into sections.


I continued to follow instructions and when it came time to finish my waistband with the lining I had to adjust it slightly because of how I topstitched my waistband earlier. I pressed the top edge of the section that would lay behind the bib of the apron under 1/2″. When I came to that step, I pinned from the front side next to the seam so that I caught the lining on the back.


Here is another picture from the back side of the waistband to help illustrate this step. Once it was pinned, I stitched in the ditch next to the waistband seam.


I finished the steps in the pattern and VOILA! An adorable apron fit for Wonderland! It would be perfect for your kitchen or for keeping threads off you and holding your notions while you sew! Happy sewing!


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