Holiday Party Dress Time By Kerrie Barber

Posted by Kelsey Sauer on December 21st, 2017


With the Holiday season fast approaching, it was time for a sample party dress featuring the lovely brocades in the Bridal Department!  New Look pattern 6431, a fit and flare dress with beautiful pleating in the neckline was the perfect choice.

For the main fabric, Stretch Brocade Chic was a perfect choice. It has a lovely pattern and slight sheen, and the color was a perfect party red.  The fabric has a slight stretch on the crossgrain, which makes it more comfortable for the wearer. This made interlock the perfect choice to line the dress.  Interlock is a very flexible lining; it pairs easily with fabrics that have a slight stretch like Miyuki satins and Ponte knits, but also works well with woven fabrics.

The Sewing Studio now carries interlock lining in a variety of colors in the Bridal Department, which is very good news!

Layout and construction of the dress was very straightforward, but I did vary from the pattern instructions by stitching the pleats from the underside and using horsehair braid in the hem.  Stitching the pleats just makes them lie a little more closely to the body, and the horsehair braid defines the lovely cones of fabric that form in the skirt. I also overlapped the skirt pattern pieces to eliminate all the seams except the side and center back seams.  It is not necessary to do this but it does reduce the number of seams interrupting the pattern flow of the fabric. After I completed the dress, it looked lovely but I felt that it needed something more to make it ready for the holiday season.

I looked around the store and found a beautiful rhinestone applique #36 in the Bridal case and since the borderpattern includes a belt, I had a great accessory for the dress in no time at all.  The belt was cut on the bias, but the fabric is so stretchy that it could also be cut on the crossgrain to use up leftover fabric. Now the dress is more adaptable for a really formal occasion or a more casual office party by simply removing the belt.

Many people shy away from sewing, thinking it is too difficult, but that is not true! Sewing is one of the most rewarding artistic hobbies you can enjoy, with the practical advantage of having something to wear when you are finished with each project. When you learn to sew, you can create wonderful luxuries for your wardrobe.  A basic sewing class will start you on your journey, so check out the Sewing Studio website today and sign up!

There are many more beautiful fabrics in the Bridal Department to make the perfect party dress. If you decide to use one, please share your pictures, we would love to see them!



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