Holiday Homies Quilt

Posted by Kelsey Sauer on December 6th, 2017


The Story of The Holiday Homies Goes As Follows:

“Once upon a cold December eve a dog named Buck, a buck named Gus and a young goose named Ryan threw themselves a Christmas Party. They invited absolutely everyone. The three best friends, dressed in their finest Christmas Sweaters welcomed the entire forest into their fashionably appointed yet ruggedly masculine winter cabin. Animals from regions far and wide made the long trek through the tall pines to enjoy a bit of eggnog and a casual peppermint over a crackling fire and some deeply academic conversation. Needless to say, the party got a little wild and Gus ended up with half of the Christmas tree decorations hanging from his antlers. Ryan gallantly volunteered to play Santa and Buck sat, elegantly reserved, in his wingback chair telling stories from their college days. A jolly time was had by all as the festivities stretched well into the misty morning light. ”



My inspiration to create with this #awesome collection came from Wendy in New Zealand who created this beautiful quilt:

Wendy did a great job writing precise instructions. If you would like to make this quilt too, please click the link above for direction. Following her short but simple blog, I made a quilt very similar to hers: img_6261

Below is the process in pictures of my quilt coming together:


For fussy cutting the blocks, I would recommend purchasing some template plastic. (We have it for sale in the quilting room.) It makes it so much easier. Just cut the template plastic to the size you need and use it as a ruler. Remember, the main blocks need to be cut on point.


At this stage above, my blocks have been cut on point and I have added the half square triangles. ^ Before cutting, please be aware of your directional prints. You may spot two blocks above that I have made a boo boo in. Luckily, the quilt is so busy that the eye would never really notice.


At this stage, I have added the borders to the main block. This was the most fun part for me. I love to mix and match the fabrics to create these blocks. See the picture below for how all nine turned out .


At this stage, the strips are sewn together to create the pieced sashing. My wise friend and coworker Janeann gave me this advice: Put the strips in a bucket and whatever you pull is what you sew together. The only rule is that no two alike can be together. This way you do not spend time fussing over what strips should be next to each other. Her advice worked perfectly and I love how my strip sashing turned out!


Wendy hand stitched her quilt . I chose to use the Babylock Sashiko:


Click here For More Information on the Babylock Sashiko: Click Here


I did do a little “Stitch in the ditch” quilting around the center blocks (The holiday homies 🙂


The Holiday Homies Collection is Available For Purchase Here .. If you come into the store, they are 20% off right now!!


Here are some other quilts made with this collection:

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