What Is A Shop Hop?

Posted by Kelsey Sauer on October 20th, 2017


Every couple of months you may see an advertisement for a shop hop but you say to yourself, “What does that even mean?”

I am here to explain that to you today 🙂

A Shop Hop is exactly what it sounds like. A group of sewing stores in a general area get together and create a passport and choose dates that the hop will start and finish . You the customer purchase a ‘shop hop passport’ at the register of any of the participating stores prior to the start of the hop. (The passport is $5 before the hop and $6 during the hop.)  You have X amount of days to visit each of the shops and get your passport stamped at each stop. You are usually given a free fat quarter at each shop that you visit and there is usually a “mystery item” that is marked at a special price for your purchaseat each shop. This time around, each store is giving away a Quilting Treasure Colorblend Fat Quarter. (If you visit 2 stores, you have paid for your $5 investment).


Stores usually have a beautiful sample made using the fat quarters being given away at each location, so be sure to look for them at each of your stops. If you like the way a particular store finished there project, you can purchase a “finishing kit.”

Here is the best moment you have been waiting for. IF you visit all of the participating shops in the hop DURING the time frame given, you are entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing! If you are the lucky winner, you get a $125 Shopping Spree at EACH STORE!!!!!! Do you know what that equates to? $1,000 of free fabric!!

The Second Grand Prize winner gets a $65 Shopping Spree at EACH STORE! That equates to $520 of free fabric!!

I have seen past winners come in to choose there fabric and it is like Christmas morning! Or winning the lottery! It’s wonderful!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get your shop hop passport from us today!

Here are the specifications on the Fall Fat Quarter Hop Happening November 3-11:



Our sample : shop-hop

We used the Accuquilt spool die to assemble this mini quilt. Spool Die Sku: 55180

Watch the video for assembly ideas: https://www.accuquilt.com/shop/go-spool-6-finished.html


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