Galaxy Shoes: A Fun and Easy Project

Posted by Kathryn Conte on June 10th, 2017


Galaxy Shoes: A Fun and Easy Project

By Kathryn and Lena Conte

One of my good friends spent a lazy Sunday afternoon spending time with her Daughter making up awesome new shoes, and posted the cutest picture on Facebook.  I knew I had to do the same with Lena!  So we each created our shoes with different methods, while laughing and joking the whole time!

To make this project you will need:

Tulip Fabric Markers OR Sharpie Markers

DecoArt SoSoft Fabric paint in Ultra White and Glimmer Glitter

Rubbing Alcohol

Eye dropper

Fine tip paint brush

Cotton Swab size Paint Brush

White Canvas sneakers (Walmart or Target)

Painters  tape

  • Start by placing painters tape around the sole of your shoe. We did not have any on hand – and our ink bled onto our soles.

My Way:



I am no artist, but I wanted swirly Milky-Way looking galaxies, and swaths of cosmic dust clouds.  I wanted a bit of definition between my colors, so I used our TULIP Neon Fabric Markers.  I stared at the toes and worked my way around to the heels.  I did some circular clouds and some wavy lines.


Lenas’ Way:


Lena used Sharpie markers for her sneakers.  She colored quarter sized blots of colors, some oval shaped blots, and others like a rounded lower case n.  She was heavy handed and really let the Sharpie soak in.  Lena started at the sides, and worked her way all the way around.


Final Step For Both Methods: Once you have covered your sneakers in color, you fill a small cup with rubbing alcohol.  Use your eye dropper to fully soak your sneakers with the rubbing alcohol.  This will soften the edges for fabric maker shoes, and will bleed colors into one another with the Sharpie markers.  Let your shoes dry completely to the touch .  Put a pea size dollop of the white fabric paint in a small cup.  Take your fine tip paint brush and make star specks and a few asterisks.  Let your stars dry completely.  Put a grape size dollop of the Glimmer glitter fabric paint in a small cup.  Take the cotton swab sized paint brush and fully coat or glaze your entire shoe.  Wait for the shoes to dry, pull off the painters tape and you are done!




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