Fun Treat Bags!

Posted by Kelsey Sauer on July 9th, 2016


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Here’s a great project that you can do in a snap, and Katie made some to show you how!

With a couple of fat quarters, batting and your own creative ingenuity, you can create a one of a kind bag for gift giving or your own personal use.

I’ve created three bags for the Holidays, and this pattern will tell you everything that you need to make any holiday themed treat bag! Following the pattern, these were so quick to make!

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The first little trick will hold your Halloween treats! 

I cut two squares the size the pattern instructed (one of fleece and one of a cotton print) and put them right sides together, and stitched the right sides together & left an opening to make the turn.

After pressing the square and sewing up the opening, I placed corners together to make a triangle and then sewed two straight lines approximately 5 inches from the bottom corners as shown. (the pattern will go in detail about how long from the end you should stitch based on how large your square is!)

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Fold those corners to the center of the bag on each side.


Then turn the bag inside out. You can make it so that the fleece is on the outside as well!


If you like, you can add a handle. I created a casing to house boning so that my handle stands up. If you decide to use this technique, sew casings down the sides of your bag so that the boning slips into the bag as well. Make sure to hand stitch the inside to ensure the handle stays in!

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Now embellish as much as you like! Adding colorful plastic spiders was a fun way to complete my project.

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For the snow man’s face, I appliqued the nose and embroidered the face on, Because why not? 

I purchased boning that was already covered in black to create my stuffed earmuffs.

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What will I do with it you ask?  Stuff it with goodies (a mug, hot cocoa and some homemade cookies) and give to a friend this holiday season.

You will find a pattern for these projects including the Santa Bag featured at our Christmas in July celebration on July 16th, 10-3pm! 

See you there!

Supplies Used:

  • 2 fat quarters (Or a piece of fleece fabric if you want!)
  • Any embellishments you want to put on your treat bags



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