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Posted by Kathryn Conte on July 9th, 2016


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The theme for this months Sewing and Embroidery Club was pin-cushions!  So I turned to Google for inspiration, searching for “unique pin cushions.”  I saw the cutest old school leather baby shoe turned pin-cushion, and knew I had found the perfect project for me! When my kiddo was a baby, she kept kicking off her shoes in stores, and after loosing more than 5 sets of shoes’, I bought pink Converse high tops.  High tops lace up, and can’t be kicked off!  Of course they are cute-ER than cute, so I had stored them as a keepsake.  I started my project by purchasing a pair of lace socks.  I cut the lace off the sock to use it as a pattern for my own embroidered sock trim. I then cut the bottom of the sock off at the heel.

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I searched Google for “machine embroidery design of feet” and found a design of an outline of feet.  It was 2” by 2” so I used my Embrilliance Essentials software to size my design to ¾ of an inch.  I cut a strip to trim my sock top twice as long as the piece I had cut off the lace top socks I purchased.  I embroidered half of my strip using PolyPro Mesh stabilizer on my Baby Lock Esante with my 6×10 hoop.

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I folded my strip in half and used a blanket stitch to sew the halves together.

Next, I turned to my trusty Baby Lock Imagine serger to serge my strip together using a rolled hem, and to serge the strip to the top of my sock neck.

pic 5

pic 4

I decided to toss the old shoelaces and replace them with double-faced 3/8” satin ribbon.  I cut 5 little strips of the ribbon to put into the lacing positions on the high top.  I wanted to personalize my pin-cushion, so I used one of the mini fonts on the Brother Persona and Stick and Tear Tear-away stabilizer.  The Persona has a red drop-light which is awesome for positioning, as well as mini hoops for small projects.

pic 6

pic 7

I hand sewed the strips into place.  Next I sewed the lace sock neck into the high top in four spots: the front, back and sides.

pic 8

I used a few handfuls of pillow stuffing to stuff the front portion of the high top.  Pin-cushions can have all sorts of filling, but I wanted my little shoe to have some weight, so I used the “Ground Nut Shells” made from walnuts by “Plum Easy”.  Thank goodness for friends willing to lend a helping hand.  I enlisted Raquel to pour the filling into the toe of the sock, while I held the sock open.

pic 9

pic 10 (1)

I used a triple zig zag stitch to sew the opening of the sock closed.

pic 11

Last, but not least, I pushed the nut filled sock into the shoe, and stuck all my pins into my new, adorable pin-cushion!

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  1. June robinson says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I didn’t know your email address so I thought I would contact you here, I don’t expect you remember me . I was visiting Orlando last November from the UK and popped into the shop and you kindly gave me lots of advise , I was lucky enough to have Embrilliance Essentials for Christmas, and oh boy is this a lovely program but the down side is we don’t have sewing classes for embroidery over here. You did mention that you may possibly kindly let me have a few of you class notes , I wish there were more shops and classes like yours over in the USA . We will be coming back out to you in November again and will be popping by to do much more shopping (may end up buying another suitcase like I did this time )
    Once again thank you for your help in the shop you gave me and hope you are keeping well,
    June Robinson

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