Artwork On Fabric!

Posted by Kelsey Sauer on May 19th, 2016


Here at the store we have a Fabric Printer that we have been using to print photos on fabric! How fun would it be to see your kids, grand kids, significant other, etc. on fabric and incorporated into your projects? Well, Sonya has a niece (Haley Brown) who creates beautiful art in her free time, so she decided to take some .jpg images of her work and put them onto a USB stick and into the fabric printer!

IMG_2852To the right of this image, is an example of what the printed image on fabric looked like before Sonya incorporated it into a quilt.

IMG_2850She also used the Bookends Collection we have in the store for the fabric surrounding the artwork. That is the beautiful thing about shopping for fabric with something in mind. She wanted to somehow bring all of these images together with a fabric that goes along with everything. This was the PERFECT collection!

IMG_2848This printer is awesome, because it uses special dyes that bond beautifully with the fabric to achieve an image that is just as good on paper as it is on fabric! Picture perfect!

FullSizeRender (3)Sonya even embroidered Haley’s name to add into this amazing quilt! Please stop by to ask about or fabric printer at the store! Also, I cannot wait to see how this quilt turns out!

**Note: Images must be in .jpg format to print on the printer, and the printer prints on standard letter size fabric pieces.






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