Braided Table-Runner Fun!

Posted by Mary Jeanine Ibarguen on April 25th, 2016


1 Braided Tablerunner


2 Sew and Fold on a Roll 3 Paper Section

This table runner was made using a new product called ‘Sew & Fold on a Roll’.  It is 50 feet of paper marked for a braid border and/or flying geese.  Since you’re sewing on paper, you get perfect piecing with the sew & flip method, and 50 feet means you could make a whole quilt with one roll of paper.

The braid can finish as wide as 5”.

The geese will finish at 4” wide by 2” high.  We’ll cover the geese in another blog.

The paper looks like this on the roll, and like this when you open it up.  (It looks complicated, but that is mostly because the paper can be used for a braid or for flying geese)




Another nice thing to note: you can use a 5” pre-cut pack for this braid; you get four pieces from each 5” square.  Color selection made easy!


Let’s make a braid.  You need to set up a few items:

  • Cut off a hunk of braid paper…how long do you want the table runner or quilt strip to be?  Mine is 48” long.
  • Grab a few Wonder Clips or Binder Clips to hold the excess paper out of the way as you sew.
  • Set your stitch length to 1.5.  This makes the paper easier to rip off later, plus your seams will look great.

Start with a triangle using the blue triangle at the bottom as a pattern:



Cut a bunch of your 5” squares into four equal “logs” (1.25” x 5”).


Mix them up however you like for your braid.  I tried to distribute the different colors evenly.  I was mostly successful.. Mostly. Lol.

Lay down your first strip, RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, onto the side of the triangle like this.


Put the edge of your seam on the red line, and then you will sew on the black dotted line, which is, handily, ¼” from the red line.


Now you need to press that ‘log’ over.  You SEWED, now you FLIP.


Grab another log of another color.



Sew it down the same way, ¼” from the red line.


And press it back!


This goes on for a while as you add the logs, left, then right, then left, then right….


Be sure to press after every seam!


OK, here’s a tip that might help get all your logs the same size.  Sometimes the fabric is a little wider and covers that important red line.  If your machine allows you to move the needle all the way to the left or right, you can use this fact to follow the NEXT red line.  

So, for example, you want to sew the next log to the right?  Move your needle all the way to the left.  Here’s what my display looks like.  I got there by pressing the stitch width ‘-‘ button till I got to 0.0.


Then I was able to put the needle down on the black dotted line, see where my pressure foot lands and keep that same distance from the next red line for the whole seam.


After pressing that log, I move my needle all the way to the right.


Again, put the needle down on the black dotted line and run the presser foot along the next red line.



Sometimes you have a little bit of dark fabric peaking out from under a light seam allowance.  Just give that dark piece a little trim:


Sometimes you sew in the wrong place. Don’t worry, we are all human! Place a strip of Scotch tape down on the paper side, scrape it a bit with your fingernail to be sure it sticks.


Flip the project back to the fabric.  Pull the top log back slowly and take out a few stitches at a time with your seam ripper.  The tape will keep the paper from tearing.


Once you’ve added all the logs to your paper, its time to trim up the ragged sides.  I know the packaging says 6” wide, but the widest I could get it was 5.5” wide.


And now you can tear off all the paper from the back of the braid.


I added 5.5” wide grey strips on either side of the braid to make my table runner complete.  I also found some yardage from one of the prints to bind the runner.


PS: be careful when cutting onions or you get to wear a band-aid for blog photos!

Supplies Used:

  • Sew and Fold on a Roll Paper
  • All-Purpose Thread
  • 5″ Charm Pack of your choice!
  • Coordinating Fabrics for binding and sashing
  • Seam Ripper & Scotch Tape for mistakes!


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