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Posted by Kelsey Sauer on March 15th, 2016



Hey everyone! I wanted to share the flower goodness that has been happening over here with the Pinkerton wall hanging! If you have never worked with floral fabrics before, this is the project for you! If you HAVE worked with floral fabrics before, this is STILL the project for you! I had so much fun with this, and want to share the process here on the blog so you can get the pattern, or take the class (with Mary Jeanine), and make your very own flower flamingo! Here we go!


First thing is first! I traced Pinkerton onto some white cotton Voile fabric. You can find this in the Bridal Department in the store. It’s a really thin, awesome fabric. Pinkerton comes full size in your pattern to trace! Once you’ve traced Pinkerton onto the cotton Voile, cut him out. The fun begins, folks!


This is what the pattern looks like. It is mostly instruction, and of course Pinkerton himself drawn out so that you can trace him out.

One of the best parts of this project is that you get to shop for all kinds of different floral fabrics! I just LOVE flowers, guys… And I love all Kaffe Fassett fabrics, so this was a no-brainer for me. I went to our Kaffe section in the store, and chose every floral I saw. Yes, it may sound crazy… But don’t over think this one! You want variety in your flamingo, so just go wild! I got 1/2 yd- 5/8 yd cuts of the floral fabrics I chose, depending on how large scale the flowers were. Keep that in mind, and also keep in mind that you will want both large AND small flowers!

Now, once I had all of my fabrics collected, I went ahead and ironed Steam a Seam II onto the backs of the fabrics. Mary Jeanine gave me a few tips on using this. You don’t want to leave your iron on this stuff for too long! Also, you can use Heat n Bond Lite as well. The only difference between Heat n Bond Lite and Steam a Seam II is the re-positioning factor. Steam a Seam II allows you to arrange your flowers vertically, if you have a design board you put your Pinkerton on for example, because it temporarily sticks to fabrics before you iron it to be permanent.


This is what it ends up looking like once you iron the fusible web you choose onto your floral fabrics. Be sure your fabric overlaps the fusible web as well, because you do not want glue on your ironing board.

When you have the Steam a Seam II or Heat n Bond Lite ironed onto your flower fabrics, it’s time to cut them out! Leave the paper backing on to back until you are done cutting the flowers out, it’ll make it a lot easier on your end, I promise!

Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio9 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio8

Oh so much fun! I spent a full night cutting my flowers out, but it was so relaxing! Just put on some good music, and you will be good to go.


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE flowers???

The next step was to find backing fabrics. The pattern tells you what sizes to cut for your background, and Mary Jeanine also gives you some good tips on your fabric selection. You don’t want your background fabric to interfere too much with your Flamingo, but you do want cool fabric! I chose to use blacks and whites, because I’m just bold like that. You can do whatever your little heart desires, that is the real beauty in creating things like this!

Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio17 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio18

As you can see, I’ve started to lay my flowers out in these photos.


Make sure you are peeling the paper backing away from every flower before you place them down, even if you are “just seeing how it looks”. Trust me on this one… We are all human, and even I forgot I still had paper on the backs of a couple flowers. I got lost in the moment! The reason I tell you this is because when you go to iron your flowers down, the flowers with paper still on the back will not stick! We want our flowers to stick!


Yay! at this point I was beginning to see a Flamingo! I also decided to name him Kaffelingo! Kaffe Fasset fabrics + Flower Flamingo = Kaffelingo. Keep laying your flowers out! And please do not forget to take that flower selfie, it is worth it!

Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio3 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio4 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio6 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio5

When I used all of my flowers up, and felt like my Flamingo was complete with flower goodness, I took him over to the iron. Once again, Mary Jeanine gave me some great tips on this step so it is WORTH taking her class! Please try and make it to the next one.

Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio1 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio2

The biggest thing to remember here is to PRESS… Press and hold for a few seconds everywhere. Remember not to slide the iron around.

Say Hello to Kaffelingo!


Now is when I put my backing fabrics together, attached my Flamingo to the background, and quilted Mr. Kaffelingo on The Brother Dream Frame! Be sure to check out how easy it is to Mount A Quilt on The Brother Dream Frame!

Here are some other Pinkertons that were being created in Mary Jeanine’s Pinkerton Class:

Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio10 Pinkerton.Flamingo.Blog.Sewing.Studio11


They are just so beautiful!



  1. Mickey Hunt says:

    LOVE this flamingo pattern and would like to know when Mary-Jeanine is teaching it again. I don’t know how I fell from your mailing list, and i re-signed-up last month when I was in town. I was just wondering yesterday, since i had not heard from you, and VOILA! here you are ;-).I would love class schedules from you, I live in Citrus County and have to plan my forays into Orlando! i am especially interested in Alvin’s SNC2 classes. Please keep me on your mailing list (when i started quilting in 2000 the Sewing Studio was one of my favorite fabric stores, my go-to whenever I wanted something special). After 35 years in Winter Park we moved to The Nature Coast in 2009 to slow down and retire but I do return for MD appts, visits with family, your holiday sales and when i need something I can find nowhere else!

    • Gabriela Swanson says:

      Hi Mickey! I’m glad you love the flamingo, and Mary Jeanine will be offering this class again starting the 31st of this month. It is a three session class. You can always give us a call to sign up for the class. I also made sure to sign you up again to receive our emails!

    • Mary-Jeanine Mary-Jeanine says:

      Hi Mickey, I’ll be teaching it again in August 2016: the 4th, 11th and 18th. I hope you can make it!
      – Mary-Jeanine

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