Simply Seamless Wall Hanging!

Posted by Pat Sauer on March 18th, 2016




I just love the Scan n Cut, and just completed this amazing project from a book we came across called Simply Stunning Seamless Quilts by Anna Faustino! I want to show you how simple and fun this project was, how I chose my fabric, and how incredible it is having the Scan n Cut in your craft-arsenal!

The first thing that I did was pick out a design from the book. Alvin was kind enough to fuse some Heat n Bond Ultra Hold onto some solid Black Kona Cotton fabric, and scan the design int to cut it out of the fabric. Remember, the Heat n Bond is important, because I plan on fusing the cut-out onto fabric later on to create my wall hanging.


After that was all cut out and ready to go, I grabbed my Magic Mirror, and went to town with my fabric selection.



The Magic Mirror notion is great because it assists you in deciding where to cut your fabric for designs like this. As you can see, it would be okay to just place the ornate fabric design that was cut from the Scan N Cut just anywhere on the fabric. However, I wanted my wall hanging to have the same start in the center.

I used some Kaffe Fassett Fabric, because of how vibrant the colors always are and how that would effect the way the black fabric “popped”. But you could also use a vibrant batik, or any other fabric for that matter. It is absolutely personal preference.

Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore13 Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore9

The Magic Mirrors allowed me to visually see what the other parts of my wall hanging would look like BEFORE I cut my squares out, if I cut the from the same part of the repeat of course.



It would work the same way if I decided on a different fabric; It’s magic!


Pretty cool, right? I thought so! But with these Scan n Cut fabric cut-outs, you could place them anywhere and have it look just as awesome! Here are some examples where I just placed the black cut-out design on different fabrics, and still got a cool effect:

Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore8 Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore14

When I chose my fabric, and got enough cut so that I could accommodate for the repeated look I was trying to achieve, I cut my squares from the repeating spot that I wanted, and about 1/4″ larger than the size of my square cut-out design so that I had 1/4″ of seam allowance to stitch the squares together. Then I brought my squares of beautiful fabric and my black fabric cut-out to my ironing board to fuse the two together. This is super simple, because you had already fused the Heat n Bond Ultra Hold onto your black fabric before you cut the design out! My only advice to you regarding this step would be to make sure that you have that 1/4″ seam allowance on all sides of your square.

I made a set of four, and this is what they looked like when they were all fused together and ready to sew!


Do you notice how all four of my squares have the same part of the fabric in the center? The Magic Mirrors made it so simple to achieve this look!

This is when I took my squares to the sewing machine to piece them together utilizing that 1/4″ seam allowance I had left on all sides of the blocks.

Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore5 Scan.N.Cut.Wallhanging.Sewing.Studio.Fabric.Superstore2

And Voila! They are all pieced together! I then added a border around the four blocks.



Once I added the border, I put the backing and batting together with the top of the wall hanging, and safety pinned it all in place.



Then I used my walking foot, and stitched in the ditch of the seams all around the design. I did that, because I did not want to interfere with the beauty and clarity of the design.

I’m soo happy with the way my wall hanging turned out!

Supplies Used:

  • Heat n Bond Ultra Hold
  • Scan n Cut
  • Simply Stunning Seamless Quilts Book
  • Walking Foot
  • Sewing Machine (I used a Babylock!)



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  1. Earline Greer says:

    Wow, I have a new Scan & Cut and am waking up to the possibilities. This design is beautiful. I’m saving it for the day I have the skill to do it. Thanks

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