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Posted by Stephanie Stachow on June 19th, 2015


I just returned from an AMAZING trip to Disneyland to check out all their new entertainment for their 60th Anniversary. I felt compelled to sew a few things for my trip, and as I’m writing this article I’m trying to figure out why. What makes me put aside the growing mountain of laundry and have cereal for dinner in order to finish these projects? It’s a completely unnecessary stress that I put on myself and, darn it, I want to know why! If only to be able to give a concrete answer to my husband when he asks. Is it for the attention? I like to think I’m not as shallow as that (but the ego-boost didn’t hurt). Is it for the business? I truthfully do not have much free time at all these days, and when I do there’s any number of projects I’m already working on. Is it to show that people still sew and not just hemming a pair of pants, but sew something awesome and unique? Eureka!

I think the best thing about hand making my clothes was having people tell me “I was thinking about learning to sew” or “I used to sew and I was thinking about getting back into it”. I always tell them “You can do it! If I can do it, anyone can do it!” Now that sewing is not being taught in schools it really takes a spark of inspiration to get people interested again.

Anyway, here’s what I made for my trip to Disneyland!

Disneyland 60th 20150527 277


I made a Mickey themed Carry On bag for the trip since we already established in my previous post that it is the best theme park bag ever! (Carry-On Bag pattern is available in the store) I used this black Mickey fabric, and this yellow Mickey fabric, and this red polka dot fabric.

IMG_6779 IMG_6997

I added Swarovski crystals (which we have at our store) to the back of a denim jacket based loosely on the logo for the Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary (look for a separate post on how I did it and rhinestoning in general).

Disneyland 60th 20150527 266 IMG_6869

And I had been saving some cool Disneyland fabric for a special trip like this so I made myself a skirt and a dress!

As I was sewing, instead of doing countless other things I needed to do to get ready for the trip, I found myself wondering if I was the only person crazy enough to make something specifically for a trip to a Disney park. I know there are specialty occasions like Halloween and Dapper Day, but I was interested how many people on a regular day in the park would have handmade items. I am happy to report that I am not the only crazy person! I ran into a whole bunch of people that had either made or had someone else make something for their trip.



This is Melissa of Melly Belly and she made matching outfits for her whole family! Here are some of our licensed fabrics like the ones she used.

Disneyland 60th 20150527 639 Vintage-Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Flat-Sheet-Sewing-Fabric

This is Emina and she found this skirt in a vintage shop. I recognized the fabric as a vintage Mickey Mouse bed sheet that some crafty person must have turned into this super cute skirt!

image1 DSC06806_zps5b27830b

Her friend Ayaka hand sewed Easter outfits for her Tsum Tsums based on Mickey and Minnie’s Easter outfits in Disneyland!



This cutie is clearly a Jake and the Neverland Pirates fan! His mom bought this embroidered t-shirt on Etsy for their trip!

I am clearly not the only sewing enthusiast who likes to combine sewing and Disney! It made me ridiculously happy to meet others that share my passions and hopefully there will be enough inspiration going around for everyone to produce more Disney related clothing!


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  1. Shirley Hale says:

    I just love that dress you made for Disney trip. I also love Snow white is that fabric still available that you made the zippered pouch with. I can not wait till my next trip to the sewing studio. I am in the process of making a small cross body purse for my phone and wallet.

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