Pat Sauer

Meet Pat Sauer

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela to British parents who were residing there. I have one sister, Tita, who was born in Sheffield, England. I began sewing at the age of fifteen. Around that time, my parents opened a retail store in Venezuela and I stitched and sold everything that I made! I also hand-dyed and painted fabric, relying on white cotton sheeting, as pretty fabric was scarce. I made tops, skirts, ties, t-shirts, bags, pillows, sarongs, etc. I even painted furniture! I met Mark in Venezuela as well; he was a traveling salesman from Wisconsin. He came knocking at our door one day, and the rest is history! We left Venezuela, and before I could get my Green Card, I took a Clothing Production Course at OVTC led by Jean Hardy. Jean worked at The Sewing Studio, and was my connection to the store. I began working at the store and never looked back. Mark and I purchased The Sewing Studio in the year of 2000, and happily work here with our two children Eric and Kelsey. We LOVE our store, employees, and all of our wonderful customers!

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